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Our History


Viet Huong Food Co. has been family owned and operated since 1981. The business name derives its meaning from the words "Viet" which is short for Vietnam and "Huong" meaning aroma. Together “Viet Huong” represents the essence, flavours and aromas of Vietnam.


Nguyen Van Toi, the founder of Viet Huong Food Co. started the business with the ambitions of creating a better life for his family and to bring the wonderful flavours of Vietnam to Australia. What began as a small family run business in the 80s has now become one of the leading manufacturers and national suppliers of small goods in the Asian food market. Viet Huong offers its consumers a variety of ready to eat foods and ingredients to enhance the cooking experience.

We pride ourselves in maintaining strict procedures and have in place quality control measures to ensure our products are of consistent high standard.

With a promising future ahead, Viet Huong looks forward to bringing new products to the Australian community as well as international customers in the future so please make sure you visit again soon for updates.


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