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Beef Balls

Famous for its amazing crunch and heartiness made from real Aussie beef it is guaranteed to make your mouth water! Ready to eat straight out of the packaging you can throw it on the BBQ adding some chargrilled flavour. Try mixing it in with your favourite stir fry dish or add it to your home made beef noodle soup.
Available in 3 different sizes to suit household to restaurant consumers: 200g, 400g and 5kg



Pork Rolls

Pork Roll Wrapped In Banana Leaf

Thoroughly enjoyed by many, the wonderful aroma that banana leaf offers truly compliments the delicious pork roll taste. Add this to your favourite salad, stir fry dish, sandwich or bread roll, wrap, noodles and even fried rice.

Fried Pork Roll

Variety is our key to success, taking our original pork roll and deep frying it to perfection!  Available in two sizes so you can serve it however you wish.

Pork Roll In Casing
Catering to all, customers can simply enjoy the delicious taste of pork roll without the added banana leaf aromaAdd this to your favourite salad, stir fry dish, sandwich, wrap, noodles and even fried rice.
Pork Roll In Casing With Herbs & Spices

Packed full of flavour our herbs and spices pork roll is best served with the Vietnamese national dish Bun Bo Hue, a rice vermicelli soup based dish.


Fried Pork Roll With Herbs & Spices

Golden on the outside and packed with flavour on the inside with our secret recipe.

Fish Balls & Cakes

From original tasting to fried golden, or combination with shallot, we have a variety for you to pick for your favourite dish. Perfect addition to your stir-fry, hotpot or soup.


Sate Sauce

Spice up your meals with our famous sate dipping sauce guaranteed to give a nice little kick! Can also be used to enhance the flavours of many stir-fry and soup based dishes.

Pork Skin Strips

Special Broken Rice dish will never be complete without our famous shredded pork skin strips. Coupled with our roast rice powder adds a nice texture and beautiful aroma.

Roasted Rice Powder

Our white rice grains are slow dry-roasted until rich in brown colour then grounded into fine powder. Used most famously on pork skin strips in the Special Broken Rice dish adding a pleasant toasted fragrance. A delicious meal that is very popular in Vietnamese restaurants around the world.

Pork Paste

For those that love cooking at home, create your special recipe by adding your own flavours and cook just the way you like it. Add it to your soup, pan fried or even make skewered pork kebabs for the BBQ!

Barbeque Powder

Mix this special recipe with our pork paste to create your own pork kebab sticks that are just perfect for any BBQ.

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